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Organizational Summary


The Louise Bennett-Coverley Heritage Council (Fla) Inc., a Florida Not-For-Profit organization, was founded in February 2007 as the Louise Bennett-Coverley Reading Festival. In 2015, the organization was incorporated as The Louise Bennett-Coverley Heritage Council (Fla) Inc. Espousing a focus on cultural programming, and a mission to educate through entertainment, the organization was developed to accomplish the following goals:

  1.  To establish the Louise Bennett-Coverley Reading Festival as a cultural contribution to Black History Month celebrations

  2. To increase the presentation of cultural events in South Florida, highlighting the culture of the Jamaican people

  3. To provide “‘edutainment’-education through cultural entertainment” as a way of giving back to the next generation, by providing opportunities for developing their own cultural psyche

  4. To develop opportunities for a scholarly look at the works of the late Jamaican cultural icon, the Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley, OJ, and to identify how these works have impacted the development of a Jamaican national, cultural persona.

Mission: Charitable and Educational

  1. To provide scholarships annually, to deserving students at the Edna Manley College (JA) and a designated College in Broward County (US), in the name of the late Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley, OJ.

  2. To address the immense influence, that the works and legacy of social commentator and internationally acclaimed folklorist, the late Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley, OJ have had on Jamaicans at home and abroad.

  3. To engage with other non-profits in community cultural events

  4. To sponsor Panel discussions, Symposiums and Entertainment, showcasing all facets of Jamaican culture, in Florida.

  5. To sponsor and participate in, fundraisers for worthy causes, in order to fulfill financial commitments to education and the arts

  6. To encourage young people to read and further their interest in their cultural heritage.

  7. To provide a source for information and assistance, on cultural events.

  8. To present the Annual Louise Bennett-Coverley Reading Festival, as part of the S. Regional Broward Library’s annual Black History Month celebrations.

  9. To provide a platform for inter-generational interaction, through story-telling and “Brain trust” discussions.

  10. To participate in and support cultural events within the Diaspora  e.g.-Anancy Festival; Kwaanza Celebrations.

Board of Directors

  • President              Colin Smith

  • Vice President      Valrie Simpson

  • Secretary              Marcia Ward

  • Treasurer              Donna Lee Raymond

  • Director                Dr. Susan Davis

  • Director                Maxine Plummer

  • Director                Malachi Smith

  • Director and Past President        Norma Darby

  • Honorary Director/ Chaplain      Fr. Horace Ward


For more information on the work of the Louise Bennett-Coverley Heritage Council, contact us at:

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